Mowing Tips

It may seem that all you need to mow your lawn is an overgrown turf, a lawn mower, and a willing body to handle the work. However, there is more to successful lawn mowing than meets the eye. In fact, improper mowing methods can actually harm your lawn and cause it to lose its vitality and lush appearance. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the best way to mow your lawn to ensure that you will promote its health and not cause any unnecessary damage. Here are some tips that will help make certain that you take the best care of your lawn.

It’s important to realize that grass is like other plants. When it grows and is cut, it will spread out to recover from the cutting. This means that mowing your lawn regularly will actually promote healthy growth and encourage the grass to spread out into a nice dense lawn. However, you must make certain that you are mowing your lawn on a timely schedule and not allowing it to grow too long, as this causes unnecessary stress on the grass.

One of the most important rules to remember regarding mowing your lawn is that the height your grass reaches when mowed is crucial to its health. First, you should never let your grass grow more than three inches in height, however there are times when your lawn may overgrow. Instead of giving your lawn a buzz cut, you should only cut away 1/3 of the grass’s height at each mowing cycle. If you cut too much of your grass’ height at once, you risk the lawn going into shock and suffering from stress. Even though it seems like it would be a good idea to simply cut your grass down to its lowest height, if you cut it down to far you will cause more harm than good. It is much better to mow the grass and then mow again, within several days, until it has reached the desired length.

When a lawn is weakened it becomes vulnerable to invasive weeds, pests, and other problems. The soil will lose the ability to absorb the nutrient rich minerals that it depends upon. Many people understand the importance of watering and fertilizing, yet fail to understand how mowing properly will benefit their lawns. Always make sure that you mow in the safest manner.

In addition to the amount of grass that you remove when mowing, you should also ensure that your lawn mower is in perfect condition. If the blade is dull or weak, it will make a poor cut on the grass blade, leading to stress and damage. If your lawn mower shows signs of needing repair, have those problems addressed and do not use the mower until it is in proper working order. In fact, not only is important to maintain a functional lawn mower for the sake of your lawn, but it will also ensure that you minimize the amount of physical damage that you may encounter.

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